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Wildlife Foundation

Rancho Las Lomas plays host to a myriad of native wildlife, along with a permanent animal collection from around the world. Our fabulous gardens interspersed with majestic creatures make for an unparalleled wildlife experience.

It is our mission to provide surrounding communities with an educational resource to help promote wildlife awareness. Our purpose is to serve as a quality facility dedicated to the care of a wide variety of animals while fostering an appreciation for the diversity of life.

We have recently hired an entirely new staff including a curator and four professional keepers with over 25 years of American Zoo and Aquarium Association experience. We have improved enclosures and updated our animal husbandry practices to include formal operant conditioning and enrichment programs which provide mental and physical stimulation for our animals.

One of our keepers is registered as a Veterinary Technician to help us provide optimal medical care. We are seeking membership in the International Species Inventory System, which will allow for collaborative work with other zoos and conservation organizations. Rancho Las Lomas is truly an amazing place and our dedication to wildlife is reflected in the well-being of our magnificent animal collection.

For more information, email or call (949) 589-7990.